„The 26 years old Tihamer Hlavacsek... proved his talent at the New York concert as one of the most promising artists of his generation, especially by the astonishingly virtuosic performance of Prokofiev's Sonata Nr. 6.”

Carnegie Hall debut – Amercan Hungarian Word, New York
March 20 2003


"...(Hlavacsek) dives into the music with evident enthusiasm: he manages to accomodate both the Schumannesque Schwung and the Mendelssohnian textural delicacy.....three hours of pleasure - and a rich repository for pianists looking for some audience - pleasers with which to enrich their repertoire."

Recent review on Goldmark Complete Piano Works Vol.1-3.
International Piano Sept/Oct 2010


"The edition of Goldmark's complete piano works started by Hungaroton in 2006, has arrived at its 4th CD. The series has proved to be successful both nationally and internationally. The first CD and its performer were nominated for the MIDEM-prize in Cannes and received also the category award from Gramofon.(...)The 4th CD, released this summer, is a collection of the four-hand works in the astonishing interpretations by Tihamer Hlavacsek and Balázs Szokolay.(...)This series has not yet reached its completion(...)and, based upon the foregoing, we are strongly cheering for its continuation."

Gramofon Rating of the 4 CDs: ***** (Excellent)


“…Rohmann and Hlavacsek – two young artists but neither of them needs introduction. They both toured worldwide, gained success and are virtuosic and mindful performers. The latter initiates their cooperation evident: their serious approach for musical quality and the intellectual affinity. The instrumental perfection is present in their playing, furthermore, the representative technique also – but not for itself: this evening no instrumental bravour appeared detached from their will for expression…”

Kristóf Csengery, Élet és Irodalom
June 9 2009


"The composer and the performer have fortunately discovered each other which is proven by the high level of the interpretation, the excellent technical execution, which convincingly presents the qualities of the music....Tihamer Hlavacsek’s performance attracts the listener for this exciting exploration"

Muzsika, Sept. 2008
Goldmark piano works-I, II.


"Hlavacsek is a really outstanding pianist, I would love to hear his recordings from other, more standard repertoire..we can surely state that this a world-class recording"

Critic Ears, Bartók Radio, June 8 2008
Goldmark piano works -II.


"The young pianist, Tihamer Hlavacsek - winner of several competitions and Gramofon - award - made his debut during the Festival with a great success. He proved with his program - Liszt Années de Pélerinage, 3rd year - in front of a full-house audience, that it was not by chance that he was in the focus. The great debut at the Radio's Marble Hall ended with two encores."

Budapest Spring Festival
March 21 2007


“..the soloists of the CD: Gabor Devich clarinet, Anita Miskolczi cello, Tihamer Hlavacsek piano and the New Haydn Quartet. Great musical dedication and inspired performance are associated with all this so that the CD, recently issued by Vox Artis might deservedly become a treasure for the chamber music fans.

Heti Válasz, Jan. 18 2007


"Hlavacsek is a superbly sensitive player who seems to be entirely in control of and yet easily comfortable with the changeability of the music. Hlavacsek 's performance and the interesting qualities of Goldmark 's music make this intriguing listening."

Patsy Morita, All Music Guide 2007


“…[Mr. Hlavacsek] young talent performs once passionately, once sensitively, once virtuosically, once seriously, deserves more attention. It is worth taking a closer look around – not only in the infinity of music literature but in the expanding world of talented musicians also."

Sófár Média, April 2006


" ...Tihamér Hlavacsek being in dazzling shape, did not use the opportunity only for shining his virtuosity. He grabbed the keys enormously thundering, but could also create the peacefulness of the quiet passages of the piece. "

Süddeutsche Zeitung
Munich, Germany May 2004


"The opening work was Beethoven's Tempest sonata. Hlavacsek's playing was passionate, his technique astonishing...innate musicality and talent...I'd strongly recommend going out of your way to hear him."

Ivan Katz
Yale University, USA April 11 2003


"New York is presenting two of Hungary 's most promising young talents. These young artists face an exciting international career and this concert promises to be a historic occasion."

Weill Hall debut
New York , Carnegie Hall , USA
February 25 2003


"The only thing in which Tihamer Hlavacsek, the particularly talented intellectual and mature young pianist is interested in, is to convey in the mostly special and real way the inner meaning of each composition and the ideas by that they were conceived."

La Voce Fiume , Croatia
January 19 2001


"The evening wound up with Schumann's piano quartet. The balance between the strings and the piano was admirable, and the quartet sounded almost orchestral. Surely, such precise and inspired musical interchange is rarely to be heard!... we were offered an astonishingly mature display of artistry and skilled interpretation by young musicians, talented beyond their years."

Euro Musica Vitae Växjö, Sweden May 23 2000



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